Biztec Alliences

Biztec chooses to work with alliance partners with best in class technologies in specific industries to develop business solutions for its clients. Our focus will be to continue to develop and deliver industry and technology leading solutions working with our alliance partners in order to deliver business value to clients.

Biztec's alliance can be characterized as technology alliance. Biztec's recommendation to the client is based solely on what is best for the client and insures the best total cost of ownership for the client.

Biztec works with an alliance partner in order to build business and technical competency in the alliance partner's technology through training, engagement with the alliance partner's technical support and development teams and the development of tools and methodologies at Biztec's premises.

The Alliance enables the development of leading edge solutions across various industries. It also provides a suite of modular solution offerings, right from deploying a uniform platform to helping the enterprise collaborate seamlessly. These solutions enable collaboration internally, across enterprise applications.

Biztec is a MIMIO partner alliance.

MIMIO, Award-winning mimio solutions help teachers connect with more students through interactive learning- especially in today’s multimedia world. Mimio products make it easy to create and present engaging lessons in Interactive classroom. Mimio technology turns standard whiteboards into fully interactive ones at a fraction of the cost of conventional interactive whiteboard products, making it possible for schools to afford more students the benefit of interactive learning.

Biztec is an Intel Software partner alliance.

Being a member of Intel® Software Partner Program. Intel offer Biztec a vast portfolio of tools, resources and collaborative opportunities that will give Biztec company significant advantages during each phase of your new product introduction – from strategic planning and product development to marketing and sales.

Biztec is a Symantec Register Partner alliance.

Being a member of Symantec Register Partner, Biztec will resell Symantec solutions to its customer. Biztec has certified sales and technical to provide Symantec solutions.