Insurance management system is a web based application designed to control and manage the process in insurance companies and third party administrators, it works in modular bases which allows the different departments to interact and meet their needs for maximum functionality and usability The system has all the international aspects and configuration to match the maximum of the clients requirements over the world, It has been built in such way to allows you customized the functionality and the templates behind in the way suite our valued customers needs.

Product Highlights

  • Web Portals for Providers, Members and Client

  • Online Enquires and approvals

  • Online addition and deletion of members

  • Automatic Claim downloads from DHA/HAAD

  • Automated Prior Request download

  • Automated Member Register uploads to DHA

  • Generation of all required reports

  • Mobile Application for members.

  • Automated Policy Renewal notice to Email or Mobile

  • Fraud alerts for the duplicate claims.

  • Multiple Pricelist for providers.

Core Functionalities

Policy & Member Management


Claim Processing

Network Management

Addition/Deletion of Members

Treaty Management