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What makes you different from your competitors?
We provide:
  • Solution through Cloud computing (SaaS)
  • A single integrated system for your esteemed enterprise
  • Total Solution for Schools and Universities
  • English and Arabic Interface
  • Reduce redundant data entry and processes
  • Information sharing across departments
  • Improved workflow and efficiency
  • Development Centre in UAE
  • Affordable price
Does my enterprise need an integrated software solution?
Biztec solution has been providing integrated solutions to plan your enterprise in a better way. Our products can easily be plug-in such as School, University, Library, Accounts, HRMS, Insurance, Medical, etc., which helps to share information across the enterprise. Our products offer easy data flow and work flow where the data can be derived without reenter for planned execution of the corporate policy.
Does your package support Cloud computing (SaaS)?
Yes. We provide software as a Service (SaaS) in the environment of cloud computing.Click here for more details.
Do your package compatible of various Devices and Mobile App?
Yes. Cloud solution compatible of various devices such as Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop. Also Mobile App compatible of Android and iOS.
What are the products or domains you are dealing with?
Click here for detailed products spectrum.
Is it easy to upgrade your software?
Yes. It is easy to upgrade our software. We have developed it using the latest state-of-the-art technology that caters to customer requirements and provide successive versions through easy installable patches.
What is your Implementation Strategy?
Our implementation strategy is as follows,
  • Study - System configuration and Analysis Study
  • Installation - Deploy the Application and configure based on client Business flow
  • Training & Support - We provide extensive training and support to users after implementation.
How to join the “Biztec Reseller Program”?
We welcome you to join our elite team of resellers. Biztec's reseller program enables companies to capitalize on the growing demand for enterprise management products and services. For more details click here.


Does your package support multi-company?
Yes. Biztec products have been designed for easy facilitation of multiple companies within one Database/Package. This means that you can easily switch from one company to another in just a few keystrokes.
  • Ideal for franchises and organizations who want to centralize their IT department by administrating their main server from one location.
  • You can take reports for individual or multiple companies in a single or merged format.
Whether your package supports multi interfaces such as English and Arabic?
Yes. Our package supports both left to right and Right to left screen layouts. It supports menu and screen interface with English and Arabic language.
Can I specify multiple approvals for each transaction by Company?
Yes. This is one of the salient features of our package. Approval Definition is meant to configure the documents that undergo approval cycle. After knowing the levels of approval, user has to specify Approval Level, Authorized User(s)/Role(s) and message recipients.
Is it possible to send Email and SMS through the application?
Yes. You can send Email and SMS through the application.
Is it possible to integrate with various hardware machine such as Biometric, Barcode, RFID, GPRS?
Yes, you can. We offer hardware interface programs if the detailed hardware information, drivers, technical details of interfacing have been provided by you. We are an expertise in developing these types of interfaces.
Is it possible to restrict certain users from editing or deleting the previous year data?
Yes. Security Policy or User Profile screen permissions such as View, Add, List, Delete, Edit, Cancellation and Approval are used to specify the modules and screens that certain groups have access to. Using these options, you can control year, company and screen wise restrictions.
Can I view user's login activities?
Yes. Login history screen keeps track of all the users who have/had logged in and out of the application. It normally gives information regarding the location, company name, user name and the IP address of the machine through which the user has logged in.


Are subscriptions to your products available on a yearly or lifetime basis?
Subscriptions are available on a yearly as well as life time basis. Life time basis involves a one-time payment and yearly basis involves annual renewal. If you prefer to go for Cloud-SaaS, then you have to subscribe on a yearly basis.
What are the various editions offered?
BIZTEC offers various range of editions. You can select them based on the requirement and size of your concern. The various editions offered are:
  • Classic
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
Is it Possible to migrate from one edition to another edition?
Yes. You can upgrade from one edition to another without any data loss. However, as per our costing policy, a small charge is incurred while changing the edition.
Shall I be charged based on the number of users?
Yes. You will be charged for additional users beyond the user limit allowed. The user limit is based on the corresponding edition which you have chosen.