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BIZTEC Solutions is one of the leading IT companies in the UAE, with corporate office located in Dubai, providing integrated software and hardware solutions for both domestic and international customers. Biztec Solutions LLC is a state of the art software solutions development company wholly owned by UAE Nationals. Our development center is located in Sharjah.

Having been in the Industry for more than 15 years now, our focus and emphasis lies in our prowess to provide perfect solution for a potential customer base. Biztec addresses medium and large companies with enterprise wide collaborative planning and management solutions. We also provide consulting services by helping companies recognize opportunities for using technology to streamline their business processes.


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Biztec Reseller/Partner Enablement

Biztec introduces a "Biztec reseller program" for its enterprise management products and services. The Biztec reseller program is designed to be simple and effective. With no fees, additional investment in staff, or concerns about product implementation or services delivery, our resellers can focus on reselling high quality, high value products and services.

Biztec's reseller program enables companies to capitalize on the growing demand for enterprise management products and services. Our project teams are equipped with the requisite knowledge to engage, collaborate, facilitate, and deliver the right solution for the client's business environment.


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