Biztec Reseller/Partner Enablement

Biztec introduces a "Biztec reseller program" for its enterprise management products and services. The Biztec reseller program is designed to be simple and effective. With no fees, additional investment in staff, or concerns about product implementation or services delivery, our resellers can focus on reselling high quality, high value products and services.

Biztec's reseller program enables companies to capitalize on the growing demand for enterprise management products and services. Our project teams are equipped with the requisite knowledge to engage, collaborate, facilitate, and deliver the right solution for the client's business environment.

Product Range

We offer all our products in the following four editions, namely Classic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Each of our editions include wide range of functionalities and various language selection options.

As a Biztec reseller you can market and implement our products and provide training, however all the customization will be done by Biztec.

Biztec Reseller Requirements:

Our requirements are designed to ensure the best possible reseller relationships. The minimum requirements are outlined below.

  • Vertical industry focused on a more horizontal approach to the market.
  • The ability to meet quarterly sales volumes to qualify for volume incentive rebates.

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